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Hi, welcome to the Fakz testing family

Fakz’s unique 3d environment makes creating and studying flashcards fast and easy. The racing study game will motivate & challenge you to keep studying. Fakz was designed to allow you to study flashcards as you would using actual index cards. As you study your cards, put them into different piles based on how well you know each card. At any point you can restudy just the piles you want. Fakz’s editor lets you create and view cards quickly and intuitively. Stacks are stored by subject in colored books which sit on your desk. Browsing is done by visually flipping though subjects, stacks and cards. Play the Fakz race study game for a fun change of pace. Race your character against the computer’s and try to cross the finish line first. Win races and earn rewards to unlock characters. Features -Study one or more stacks at a time -Study via flipping, multiple choice or typing -Pick which piles of cards to restudy -Browse by visually flipping though topics, stacks and cards. -Racing study game is fun and motivating -Customize study options for each stack We look forward to getting feedback from you on what things will make Fakz even better. Please send feedback to Please visit for our terms of service and for our privacy policy.

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