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Hi, welcome to the Meditation Guru testing family

Brand Elixir - Making your world easy Meditation Guru is a mobile application build to make your meditation experience blisfull and easy for the users. Application details / walkthrough :- (Familiarise yourself with App buttons) *Meditate -* When you press this button you can start your meditation keeping a track of the time you meditate and number of mins you meditate, you can also enjoy the scenic background music of different and interesting themes like Waterfall, Nature and Om to enhance your meditation experience. Many more themes would be added soon. *Meditation Log -* Here you can maintain your meditation log with timer and other details which will be stored in cloud server provided by google ensuring your privacy is maintained. *Diet -* As we all know that diet plays a very important role in everyone’s life and to get maximum benefit from your meditation we have added diet by model Ninad Surve who is also a meditator since 7 years and a general diet and new diet plan would be added soon. *Experience -* Did you have an amazing experience then share it with everyone. Here you can share your experience with other user and also can see what other people are experiencing. *Total count -* This is where you can see the total count of meditation you have done . *Live -* This is were you can see how many users are meditating now live. *Information center -* This is were you will get latest updates regarding meditation (News , camps ,seminar , etc) So by this we at elixir feel that we have made your world easy . Keep meditating Note :- This is a beta version so it can have some issues or lags . -Do let us know if there are any issues while using the application. - We are finalising and reviewing contents to make the best of our App... as soon as the same is done the app will be launched in Android play store. Happy Meditating..

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