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Hi, welcome to the Raw testing family

What is Raw? “The best app to showcase raw talent whether you are an inspiring singer, dancer, musician, comedian or common man RAW will allow you to create an audience which engages with you through rating your content.” Just be YOU! Want the world to know your name? Grow your fan base by giving them what you got, and leave them wanting more! If people love you, they will rate your videos to increase your profile level, if not…then you get the picture. “We believe it only takes 15 seconds to figure if something is worth your time or not” Instead of “Views” Raw gives real feedback by allowing users to rate the video content on a scale of 1 to 5. Each video rating counts towards the user overall profile rating. The greater the profile rating, the more time will be allocated to record the videos. Will people want more of you? Rating System: Profile level 1 = 15 seconds Profile level 2 = 30 seconds Profile level 3 = 45 seconds Profile level 4 = 1 minute Profile level 5 = 5 minutes Features of the app: • Free of cost • Simple and easy to use • Upload any number of videos • Create an organic fan base • The best app to record your talent • Easy to upload videos • Interact with your followers

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