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Hi, welcome to the Astro Gods: Crusade of the Gladiators testing family

Astro Gods: Crusade of the Gladiators is a new fantasy role-playing game unlike any other. Offering a unique playing experience personalized for every player based on a user’s zodiac sign and astrological birth chart. This personalized gaming experience derives from a user’s Zodiac Favorability based on your date, time and location of birth, and varies day-to-day depending on the real-time celestial movements of the sun, planets, and the moon. Features: - Fight your way through the Solar System. - Train your character and master every weapon and power. - Battle along two sidekicks and conquer every planet. - Earn coins on every battle. - Learn how to strategize your crusade based on your favorability. Download today and experience the excitement of conquering the Solar System in Astro Gods.

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