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Hi, welcome to the Superb Smash Bash testing family

The Dimensionists, lead by Master Smash, are in need of a new energy source. They have encountered a new solar system with a grand sun that they are ready to harvest; however the Great Omni God will not let them easily do so.... and so the Superb Smash Bash was created. To complete the SSB, you must explore space, invade planets and battle your way to the top. You can collect herbs to cook, which will increase (or hinder) your skills and battling techniques. There are also special stones, keys and boots for you to find on your ventures that will open up new levels and secret games. The ending is up to you, stay loyal to the Dimensionists, rebel and fight Master Smash, or end your own life and game over forever. You decide. ****Gameplay**** Venture around space to find target planets Beware of meteorites Battle on planets during day Explore planets during night Find secret levels & hidden keys/gems/stones Collect & cook herbs on Naturia to power up Baby mode - hints and puzzles to help on your way

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