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What is Beta Family?

Beta Family is a crowdtesting platform for beta testing iOS and Android applications. You can test apps on real people and get an honest opinion on the user experience. Sign up and create your first test ›

As a tester on Beta Family you can earn money testing new apps. Sign up as a tester ›


  • Find testers to your app, in your target group.
  • Make sure it works on a big variety of devices.
  • Get a test report answering your questions.

and more...

You get a test report

The result will be given to you as a test report.

Our system helps you to write good tasks and questions for the testers.

And if you use SuperRecorder you will also get a video showing how it was used.

Example report ›

This is what you get in your report

  • Tester informaion
  • Your tasks + comments
  • Answers of your questions
  • Demographics
  • OS and device statistics
  • Tester information
  • Tasks
  • Questions
  • Demographics
  • Devices

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See your testers

Beta Family SuperRecorder SDK is a task-driven testing tool that will record your testers screen, touches, facial expressions and voice.

Our recorder also includes a task-engine, so you can give your testers tasks when testing your app.

Read more about SuperRecorder ›