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Yan Pylypenko

 Ukraine, Новомосковск
Male, 29

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Galaxy Core 2 Dual SIM
Android 4.4.2
One X
Android 4.2.2

Completed tests

  Title Category Rating Feedback
Program TV - Test Entertainment Not rated
Keyword SMS Autoresponder 24/7 (Unreleased) - Test Business Thanks!
IObit Applock2.0 - Test Productivity
Monster Truck Destruction™ - Test Games
Fondo – interactive wallpaper - Test Productivity
Feedr - Test Social Networking
Picas - Test Photo & Video
Alpha Allianz - English Edition Games
Wonder Wally - Test Entertainment thanks for your feedback and the bug report, we will...
Project - Paperplane - painless travel planning - Test Entertainment
Static - Test Entertainment Thank you for finding a bug!
StormTrek - Test Weather
Adventure of SuperMole Games
Match Drop - Test Games Thanks for the report! Please rate Match Drop on the Play...
Break Time Healthcare & Fitness
Addiction - Test Games
first test - Test Social Networking
memeham - Test Social Networking Thank you for the detailed report.Have a nice day.
Shadow Jump Games Thanks for the feedback! If you'd like, a review on Google...
Hitch - Test Entertainment Not rated
阿尔法战记 - Alpha Allianz - Test Games
阿尔法战记 - Alpha Allianz - Test Games
Mighty Pixel Boy: Retro Arcade - Test Entertainment Not rated
Project - Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles - Test Games Thanks for your feedback.
Mighty Pixel Boy - Test Entertainment
IObit Applock - beta2 Utilities
Shadow Jump - Test Games
Samurai Subway Run - Test Entertainment
Drag Racing : Pro Clutch - Test Games Very shy reporter.
Save Leopard - Test Entertainment tremendous work.
Jelly Jamz - Test Games
IObit Applock Utilities Hi gangarani, Thank you for testing IObit Applock and giving us...
Guest List, Invite-Remind-RSVP - Test Lifestyle
The Call Button - Golf Course Test Navigation Not rated
Static - Test Social Networking Good feedback
Xtinct - The First Battle - Test Games Thanks for the report! Xtinct is now live on Google Play! Please...
Addiction - Test Games
Wootzy Colors - Test Books
Assassin 101 v5 Games
Kweak - Test Books thanks for the feedback. I'm happy you liked the app...
BaliFied - Word Game of the Gods - Android 2nd test Games
OneView Calendar - Test Books
Addiction Games Thank you so much for the testing, your screenshot was...
Assassin 101 v4 Games
Raindrops - Beta Test Games Not rated
Jongla Books Clearly written answers and bug descriptions. Note, that when asked...
Liquido - Mix and Manage your Liquids Lifestyle Tanks for your report :D
Raindrops - Beta Test Games Not rated
Colony Born 1 Games Thank you for trying it out and attaching pics of...
test 2 Books Very useful and detailed report
Assassin 101 Games
Pangy Master Games
New horizon Games
Private test Games  
Sweet Recipes Food & Drink Thanks for this great test! I'll solve bug very soon...
Crossing Skies Games
Private test Games  
Hero Panda Bomber Games Thx for testing and providing a useful feedback! Utilities
Clash of Tanks! Games
ProppelercAP Games
Extreme Forklifting 2 Android Games
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.12 Sports
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.11 Sports
XXO Unbeatable Games Thanks for the test!
Karma Social Networking Thanks for the feedback, we are working on more features!
Jealous jellies Games an ok report.
Private test Games  
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.10 Sports
Pangy Master Games
SpotWiFi Beta Test Utilities
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.9 - copy Sports thanks for your feedback will work on it :)
New horizon test Games
Tosify™ Lifestyle Thank you for your superb report!
Colony Born 1 Games Thank you for your report!
One Man Football Games Thanks for the feedback
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.7 Sports Hi mate, Thanks for your valuable and extensive testing , I...
Private test Entertainment  
Spiritual Me - Live / Android Healthcare & Fitness Good feedback!
Pangy Master Games
Smash Time > Beta testing 4.4.0 Games
Vidmo App Entertainment Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed it!...
Jack The Jumper Man test-1 Games Thanks for your test report and your time spent on...
BioShot Beta Test 2 Games Thank you for your report.
Allan Ford Skyfall Books
Superjokes Version 2.0 Entertainment Good feedback provided by tester! Really appreciate the good work....
Biser 2.0 Games
MINEFORCE - for Android Games Not much detail in answers.
Hyperspace Pinball for Android Games
Hyperspace Pinball for Android Games
Tower Defense; Xtinct: The First Battle Games Gave short answers, but was honest.
Superjokes Version 1.5.4 Entertainment Good Tester. I just wish there was more detail in...
Highway Car Racing Games Thank you for your report! Have a good day.
Don't Be Sushi Beta Games
I like radio Entertainment
1st Weather One or two word answers. Task was not finished.
Cricket hit beta Sports
Pavlok Breaking Bad Habits Android V9 Healthcare & Fitness Not rated
Shopping List Utilities Thank you for your feedback!