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iOS 9.3.3
iPhone 6
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Galaxy Grand Prime Dual SIM
Android 4.4.2
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iPad 2
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iPad 4
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iPhone 5s
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Completed tests

  Title Category Rating Feedback
Formula1Pixel - Test Entertainment Not rated
SweetPic - The perfect selfie or photo - Test Entertainment Great tested ... great feedback
Video to GIF maker - GIF creator - Test Entertainment Great tester
Twisted Dots - Test Entertainment Great tester
Tunnel Glider - The escape is impossible - Test Entertainment
Swish VR - Final test before launch Entertainment Hi Shoaibss, You have been very supporting along our journey and...
Swish Video - Final test before launch Entertainment
localgenii - further testing Travel Recommended tester! Great communication, constructive feedback and helpful suggestions for...
Telpark – Aparcamiento regulado - Test Travel Not rated
Babla the social playground - Test Social Networking Great report! Thanks for joining the Babla test and for...
Babla the social playground - v0.4 Social Networking Thanks for the feedback :) and for doing the testing...
Typotastic Photo & Video Thanks for the comprehensive Feedback. Really valuable to us.
Talks - Your Community. - Test Social Networking
Typotastic Photo & Video Thanks for the great report. Very helpful for us.
Laserthread Messenger for Facebook Twitter Tumblr - Test Entertainment Not rated
Loqi - Test Entertainment Not rated
AlienNation: Find and make new friends secretly - Test Entertainment Hi shoaibss, What functionality do you recommend adding? I'm...
Trendis-Buzz beyond timeline - Test Entertainment Thanks
localgenii - initial test Travel Great suggestions, we appreciate all your comments. Thanks for your...
VineJump - Test Games Not rated
BCaster Mobile - Test Photo & Video
Tapped Out - Tap it to become a tap legend - Test Games
Calculus - All in One Calculator and Converter - Test Utilities Thanks a lot, For your feedback. We are continuing to...
BluEvents - Test Entertainment Not rated
RoadCash - Test Medical Not rated
Private test Entertainment Not rated  
Clockwise Smart Alarm - Test Utilities
Clash Royale - Test Entertainment Not rated
Treble - Connecting The World Through Crowd-Sourced Music Videos Entertainment Not rated
PokerUp. Free online poker with friends. - Test Games Not rated
Math with your Friends Game - Test Games Not rated
BBF: Burp, Belch and Fart - Test Games Not rated
Free Bird - Flap for Freedom - Test Games
Math with your Friends Game - Test Entertainment Not rated
Tasty Tiles - Test Entertainment
Vibey - Beta test Entertainment Not rated
nwsty - Get smart in 3 mins - Just top daily news - Test Entertainment Not rated
Private test Entertainment Not rated  
The Game: Nothing is as it seems - Test Games
Meeso - Test Entertainment Thanks
Gem6 Entertainment
Your Stylist - Test Entertainment Thanks for your feedback
Guess The Restaurant - Test Games Not rated
Gymigo - Fitness & Workout Training Challenges - Test Entertainment
Moment - diary & journal - Test Lifestyle Not rated
SWISH Video - Test Entertainment
batteryPOP Vids for Kids - Test Entertainment Good comments. Thank you.
TryAround - Test Healthcare & Fitness
Write - Logic, Puzzle, Brain teaser (Unreleased) - Test Games
SWISH Video - Test Entertainment
Beta Testing for Astro - 'Siri for health & nutrition' Entertainment
Testing invites and Tutorial screens Social Networking
Mega Hops Games Appreciate the feedback
Guggy - Make Funny GIFs Instantly Entertainment
OwnIt - Private Storage - Test Entertainment Not rated
Swish Video - Test Entertainment
My Secret Drinks - Test Entertainment
BluPears App - Test Education
Mr. Habit - Your Personal Habits Agent - Test Productivity Thank You for your feedback and your design notes!
Dian - Early access Utilities
JoJo - Coffee On The Go - Test Food & Drink Not rated
Combinum - Test Games
Combinum - Test Games shoaibss provided critical insights , that helped us to ...
CasperVPN - Best Android VPN - Rewarded Test Travel
48 Pieces - Jigsaw puzzle game for iPhone and iPad! - Test Games Thank you for your feedback! I am sure that it'll...
SQEDit - Test Productivity
Frontback - Social Photos - Test Social Networking
Ping - Test Social Networking Great beta tester! Thank you very much!
Tribal Guardian - Test Games Sorry to hear about the bad experience. Thank you for...
Ascensor - Test 5 - Live Games
Reactoo - Comedy Video Reactions - Test Entertainment Not rated
Don't Touch The Lava - Endless Hop - Test Games Not rated
Ping - Test Social Networking Thank you very much. Excellent beta tester!
showMeHowApp - Test Education The video was very helpful. Thx. Regarding the Facebook login issue....
Laserthread - Image test Social Networking
Numbers Race - Test Games Great feedback with helpful Design fix suggestions :)
Zoomvy Livestream Plus - Test Entertainment Not rated
Zoomvy Livestream Plus - Test Entertainment Not rated
Birthdays Productivity
Laserthread Crash test 2 Entertainment A1
Ping - Test Entertainment Thank you for a very useful feedback! Your input is...
showMeHowApp - Test Entertainment You provided excellent feedback. I am looking into all of...
Space Dive VR Entertainment Not rated
Pizen - Test Games Tester gave very valuable feedback about art and ui/ux
Imagein Editor - Test Entertainment Not rated
iTavli - The ultimate backgammon game - Test Games Hi Shoaibss, I already removed the video ads, and I will...
Color Ninja Beta - Test Games Not rated
OF Launcher- App Launcher New (Unreleased) - Test Productivity
Ballsy - Test Games
Zoomvy samescreen - Test Entertainment
Zoomvy samescreen - Test Entertainment
Function Chaser - Test Education Thanks for testing!
Biopage - feel free to test, Appreciated! Social Networking Thank you very much for the report and great feedback!...
Tribal Guardian - Test Entertainment Huge bug find. Looking into bug presented on your device.
Wand Flashlight - Test Entertainment Not rated
Private test Games  
Biopage - Test the updated app, welcome new users! Social Networking Thank you very much for the report and suggestions! We...
GlassWire Data Usage Security - Test Entertainment Not rated
eercast Lifestyle
iCAN - Usability Testing - 2nd Iteration Productivity Not rated
Sanket Doc - Test Entertainment Thanx for your feedback. I will try to resolve the...
Eplpsy - Test Games Not rated
VanDer - Test Education Thanks, shoaibss, for your time, report and video about...
Sanket Doc - Test Entertainment Thanks for your feedback. The issue has been resolved and...
Voomie - Beta Test Photo & Video
TestingCatalog - beta test Entertainment
iCAN - Home for your goals - Test Productivity Great level of details and good use of language. Thank...
Invitime - Beta Test Entertainment
Rubix Revolution - Test Games Shoaibss provided great feedback! He even took video showing a...
BULLIT - Test Social Networking Not rated
Sex.Only - Test Social Networking Not rated
Kompasapp - Test Entertainment Not rated
Vidyo! - Test Entertainment Not rated
Musical Alarm - Spotify integrated alarm Entertainment Not rated
PostYo - The Anonymous Posting App - Test Entertainment
Laserthread new design ratings Social Networking
Youtunes - Free Music player (Unreleased) - Test Music Hi, thanks for your detail test report. it is very...
CashPal Rewards - Test Entertainment Didn't understand its not a game.
Skiplit - Test Games
One Voyage - TestOne Entertainment
Japan Food Chain - Test Entertainment Not rated
Whenabouts 2.7 Productivity
Biopage - Test and Review Social Networking Thank you very much for the report and suggestions! The...
IThanks - Test Social Networking
Sharebunk - Test Entertainment thanks for testing, Shoaibss
Text Groups - easy SMS to contacts - Test Productivity
Laserthread Messenger For iPhone And Apple Fans - Test Social Networking
Moonvale 2: Puzzle Adventure - Test Entertainment
Speed Reading Owlee App - Test Entertainment Not rated
Pixured Entertainment Not rated
Private test Social Networking  
Zoomvy samescreen - Test - 2 Entertainment
UpSurf - iOS beta Utilities
The Last Tree - Test Games Helped me a lot with the crash that I had...
Wallpaper Studio 10 (Unreleased) - Test Entertainment Thank you for the detailed feedback and suggested features. :)
English Game - Test Education Thank you for testing.
SokoBan Free - Test Entertainment Thanks a lot for taking so much effort and time...
xShopper - Test - v4 Lifestyle Not rated
Private test Utilities  
OF Launcher- New Launcher 2016 - Test Utilities Hi, I'm David from OF Launcher. I've improved OF Launcher...
JungleRush - Test Games
ice11 - Test with Chat Entertainment
Skiplit Entertainment
The Call Button - Golf Course Test Navigation Not rated
My Fragrance App Lifestyle Not rated
Private test Games Not rated  
ChatAPP - Test Entertainment
Wandle Lifestyle Thank you so much for helping us in testing the...
ChatAPP - Test Social Networking
ManzilApp New Flat UI Test Travel Thanks for the feedback.
Letz - iOS Beta - Pre Release Productivity Not rated
Letz - Android Beta - Pre release test Productivity Not rated
ChatAPP - Test Social Networking
Monster Truck Destruction™ - Test Entertainment Not rated
I LIKE RADIO - Test Entertainment
Teleshow - Test Entertainment Greate work, thank you very much :)
Teleshow - Test Entertainment Greate work, thank you very much :)
ManzilApp Trips Testing Travel Thanks for using the app and providing feedback. Will work...
Veri - Alpha App Entertainment never use this tester. I extended the test and sent...
Clapenjoy Hello Spring - Test Education
NetAngel Protection - Test Utilities We specifically said we only wanted American testers as the...
Fondo – interactive wallpaper - Test Productivity Not rated
FitsyGames Games Not rated
MoveIt! Colors - Test Entertainment Thanks for the bug find!!
Feedr - Test Social Networking
ice11 - Test 3 Entertainment
Wonder Wally - Test Entertainment thanks for the feedback and the suggestions. we will discuss...
Jape Particles - Test Entertainment
Tap The Dot - Test Games
Match Drop - Test Games
Jape Particles - Test Entertainment
Caveman Hustles - Test Entertainment Thank you for your time and assistance in testing the...
Eskimos Gate - Test Utilities
Poplar - Test Lifestyle Not rated
Headliner – Video Conversations with New People! S - Test Social Networking Not rated
Project - Paperplane - painless travel planning - Test Entertainment Tested the app very thoroughly with useful comments. Great tester...
ice11 - Test Entertainment Good solid job, done promptly
Adventure of SuperMole Games
Match Drop - Test Games Thanks for the report! Please rate Match Drop on the Play...
Break Time Healthcare & Fitness Thank you for your suggestions!
ImagesCal Sixth Test Productivity
Addiction - Test Games Very helpful tester, even made a youtube video to details...
first test - Test Social Networking
memeham - Test Social Networking Thank you for the report.Please report the crash after it...
Hitch - Test Entertainment Not rated
Shadow Jump Games Thanks for the feedback! If you'd like, a review on Google...
Project - iOS game component Download Tests Books Not rated
Breakout for Cardboard VR - Test Games
Halo Jumps - Test Games Not rated
Laserthread Social Network For iPhone Test - copy Social Networking
Hitch - Test Entertainment Not rated
Mighty Pixel Boy: Retro Arcade - Test Entertainment Not rated
Tiltz - Initial Public Test Games
Drag Racing : Pro Clutch - Test Games shoaibss provides screen resolution problem in his device, help to...
IeHop Live Streaming Android App Business Thank you Shoaib! Your points are noted - "live" text...
IObit Applock Utilities Hi shoaibss, Thank you for testing IObit Applock and giving us...
Guest List, Invite-Remind-RSVP - Test Lifestyle Not rated
VisualCV Resume Builder - Test Books
Secugo Social Networking Dear, Thank you for your feedback. Kind regards, Secugo support
SSG - Simple Strategy Game: Build 20 (Android) Games A little hard to understand at times but very thorough...
Quick Smoke Test On Various Android Devices Lifestyle Thanks for testing and suggestions. Bit hard to understand your english,...
Myidol V1.2 Android Test Entertainment Thanks for the report. Very helpful!
Root Checker Utilities Not rated
Carrot Rush Party External Beta Testing (Android) Games Not rated
Super Pixel World Games good feedback
MediKeep Android Medical Thanks! *thumbs up*
Zuno: Rescue the Souls Games Did not play the game and not even message me...
showsfeed Entertainment Thanks, I just updated the app. Cheers,
Wiffinity v1.0 Books Not rated
Mobanic Lifestyle This is a problem with Beta Family as usual.
Yetti Beta 2 Lifestyle Not rated
Superjokes Entertainment Not rated
LogInNode Test - copy Productivity Thanks a lot for your time and helping us with...
Tricky Avenue Games Woww! Very interesting comments and feedback from shoaibss. Thank you...
iDiwali Entertainment Thanks for the report :) The facebook, twitter functionalities are being...