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Hi, welcome to the Mutants - Online testing family

Mutants, Space, Conquest. That sums up Mutants - Online in three words, but there's a lot more to discover in this online space strategy MMO. If you like space games, strategy games, have an interest in science or genetics or you just want to create some abominations then you'll love Mutants. Use your mutant army to compete against other players to conquer planets in an ever-growing universe. In mutants you will grow your mutant army by searching for new mutants, splicing mutants together to try to get new mutations, grinding up unwanted mutants to get new genetic samples, using genetic samples to mutate your mutants. Eventually you'll send your mutants to claim planets or invade other player's planets. If you take control of a planet you'll be able to harvest the elemental resources of the planet which can be used to grow your mutant. Mutants is in active development by Kerson Games.

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